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OUAT Season 4 Premiere Portrait

OUAT Season 4 Premiere Portrait

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Look, I gave the book to him because…

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They were waiting for a chance to get away with this joke and they found it

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A Polite Request re: Major OUAT Spoilers and the Premiere Screening on Sunday (9/21)


Hey, OUAT Fans!

As some of you might know, there is an advance press screening of the OUAT Season 4 premiere taking place this Sunday in Hollywood. I’ve read many comments from fans, worried about having the entire episode spoiled a week before it airs. I’m addicted to filming spoilers, but I personally don’t want to know every twist and turn of the actual episode before I watch it, either.

I understand that we’re all excited for S4 to get started,


but for our fellow fans, can we all try our best to tag any MAJOR spoilers and detailed episode descriptions?

  • Most fans are great about tagging spoilers, but maybe we can use a tag like “MAJOR SPOILERS” so that fans that want to can blacklist that and avoid complete spoil-ation for the episode?
  • Please try to put any detailed discussion of the episode under a “Read More” tag. For those that haven’t used it, you can insert a “read more” by clicking on the symbol next to the “add picture” button:


If we can try to take steps like this, it would really help out your fellow fans that still want to squee about OUAT on Tumblr for the next week, but also want to remain unspoiled for the premiere until it (finally) airs.




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EXCLUSIVE! ‘Once Upon a Time’: Absolutely Everything We Know About Season 4!


First Date Jitters: Calling all Captain Swan fans, this one’s for you! Now that the obstacles between Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) have finally vanished, it’s time to watch the chemistry-charged couple experience some adorable firsts. “Captain Swan fans can look forward to seeing their first date,” Kitsis triumphantly revealed to ETonline.

However Horowitz warns that you shouldn’t freak out just yet! “Like most first dates, things don’t go as smoothly as you’d hope,” he said. Yikes! Kitsis added, “It is still a drama and as much as we’d like to just have the two of them order pizza and watch Netflix, I think our fans – even though some of them would like to see that scene – would be bored.” Ummm…. No we wouldn’t. Give us pizza and Captain Swan cuddles!

Adding to the awkwardness of a new relationship, Emma is going to have a tough time getting her charming father to approve of her new bad boy beau. “What I’d like to see is Captain Hook get the father speech from Charming (Josh Dallas),” Kitsis teased. “I wouldn’t let my daughter date a pirate!” Hmm… but would you let her live with one? Since the Jolly Roger is still M.I.A., will we get to see any Captain Swan sleepovers? “I would say [moving in together] is a bit fast,” Horowitz said. “But I think Emma is going to realize this year that she needs her own place.”


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Gosh Colin ♥


"I give everything I have to, in order to have by my side the petite blonde Savior. She’s the one who brought me home"..
Captain Swan + red, white and black
Appreciation post. Reblog if you ship them wholeheartidly…. ♥♥

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